Celebrating Wins | April 2023

The Universe, God, the Creator give us signs, signals, and synergies all of the time.

Our 'noticings' lead us closer towards the fulfilment of our greatest desires and the fullest experience of why we are here in the first place. With this in mind, I'd like to personally share some of my recent noticings and wins that reGEN media is currently celebrating with deep gratitude.

I recently posted the following on social media, and thought I would elaborate further here too and acknowledge what's 'showing up' right now.

Pausing to breathe in the magic, the Story of Us unfolds.
A week ago some pretty incredible friends and talented filmmakers visited. I was left in awe --- again. Since they have left in the past seven days, ReGen has closed our very first relational investment round ~ very nearly reaching our goal.
⬆️ We have pitched three regenerative media projects --- two to an amazingly reputable team at a leading factual, scripted and digital content producer --- and one to a global network who would be an incredible co-distributor as a reputable brand partner.
⬆️ We've met for the second time with an industry colleague very interested to collaborate as reGEN's global distributor for projects in her wheel-house.

⬆️ And we are working to prepare for our second investor pitch to a fund looking to make a substantial investment in a meaningful opportunity. That's US!


Why do I tell you this?
Pause to appreciate that LIFE is happening with you and for you. Magic is around you, and your ancestors are guiding you. Practice what resonates for you to continually align your energy and hold a steady and congruent focus on why you are here (#ImpactNorthStar) in the first place. And do it all with people you love, who lift you up, make you laugh, and prioritize FUN every step along the way!

SPRING 2023 | And here's what we are watching for next

Story of Us - We are in early-stage discussions about a new short film called The Story of Us about the emerging space of inclusive innovation through the vehicle of regenerative media arts, relational filmmaking, and the artists of impact who are bravely leading the way forward in this emerging space. In May we plan to publicly share our Theory of Change for reGEN media and our vision for the future.

NEW reGEN media Leadership Team Members - In May, we will announce a new leadership team member. We can hardly wait to share the news!

reGEN media Film Hub - This Spring we will be launching the reGEN cinema film hub prototype. We are very excited to explore what is possible as we look to deliver more nourishing experiences to audiences and more sustainable revenue to regenerative media artists and relational filmmakers. Times, they are a-changing!

Fundraising Moves into Full Tilt - Earlier this Spring, I completed the SPRING Activator Investment Readiness Program. reGEN media also completed our first early-stage relational investment round. Over the coming months, we will be meeting with well-aligned funds and angel groups as well as kicking off a relational filmmaking & philanthropy fundraising campaign. Stay tuned! Plans for the reGEN media investment fund continue to move forward with a launch date of Spring 2024.

Thank you for your continued friendship and support. I look forward to continuing to notice what shows up this month.

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