Media Release: NOURISH Story Kits Receive United Way British Columbia Grant



reGEN media receives $50,000 Capacity-Building Grant from United Way British Columbia.

“NOURISH Story Kits are curated subscription boxes that accompany transformative story experiences (films) delivered by reGEN media. They provide a timely and important capacity-building initiative within a supported ecosystem for entrepreneurial collaboration and employment opportunities, including training, practicums, and placement for Indigenous women as well as marketing and mentoring for Indigenous artists, creators, and entrepreneurs and non-Indigenous allies.”

~ Charlene SanJenko, reGEN Impact Media

NOURISH Story Kits: At reGEN media, we believe in the power of story to inspire, heal, and transform. An important part of this transformation process is helping to ensure you have access to a nurturing environment with valuable selfcare and reflection tools. We don’t want you to just watch a story. We want you to deeply immerse yourself in it and embody the aspects of it that most deeply fill your heart and fuel your spirit with our reGEN NOURISH story kits.

Purpose: This is a capacity-building project set with an intention to create steady entrepreneurial and employment opportunities for historically marginalized women at their level of readiness, and in their areas of creative gifting that can be fulfilled from rural and remote communities.

Intention: The products in each story kit are carefully curated with love from historically unrepresented artists and BIPOC creative entrepreneurs and represent the four elements needed to invite balance, wellness, and a return to wholeness in one’s integrated being. 10% of net annual proceeds will be reinvested into the program to support an upcoming BIPOC artist, creator, or creative founder.

Background: For the past few years, reGEN media has built relationships with Indigenous storytellers and non-Indigenous filmmaking allies through the Turtle Island Creative Impact Coalition (see below). We are also developing collaborative partnerships with two key ecosystem partners, DEVA Digital Training and Staffing Solutions and the Glohaven Community Hub. We look forward to deepening ecosystem partnerships needed for long-term sustainable project impact.

About reGEN media: reGEN media is an Indigenous-owned, female-led inclusive innovation agency that supports creating and distributing regenerative media projects that shift the narrative to lift society. 


About United Way British Columbia:  

United Way British Columbia supports the development of healthy, caring, and inclusive communities by strengthening vital connections that support people in need. Serving over 4 million people, United Way BC focuses on urgent response, children and youth, seniors, poverty, mental health, and food security.


About Turtle Island Creative Impact Coalition: Bringing together filmmakers, storytellers, and creators to explore new pathways of possibility across Turtle Island. The Turtle Island Creative Impact Coalition is an Indigenous-led initiative to coordinate communication, access, and opportunities across Turtle Island where creativity, innovation for impact; regenerative media, and reconciliation-focused, restorative, rural community economic development intentionally intersect. WATCH: The Story of Us highlights and recap.


About NOURISH Story Kits: Our inaugural kits include a journal, candle, bath salt, dream catcher, seeds, crystals, clearing stick, and dried floral bunch as well as information and an invitation to meet our regenerative media projects and relational filmmakers.


For further information: 

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Join us on the ground floor of the reGEN story hub.

This Impact Partnership is well-matched to a corporate organization or brand seeking to demonstrate a commitment in the following areas:

  • Inclusive Innovation
  • Regenerating Hope
  • Societal Wellbeing
  • Sustainability
  • Global Health

Clarify your role ‘beyond business’ with this progressive brand legacy building opportunity ignited by a fresh start facilitated Impact Visioning Circle.

Explore first-in-market opportunities that proactively demonstrate your commitment to solutions-finding and proactive narrative-shifting media with vision.

Connect with consumers and listen to understand their priorities, choices, and behaviors and how that relates back to future marketing decisions and ad-buy spends.

Be well-represented in spaces where current and future talented individuals frequent.

Recognize and amplify leaders and champions on your team.

Primary indices used to measure impact include:

  • UN SDG Goals
  • Happy Planet Index
  • DEI 50-30 Challenge