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reGEN media welcomes Naomi McDougall Jones as Global Artistic Director

"Welcoming Naomi to this key leadership role at reGEN media is absolutely one of my most fulfilling decisions to date. As we build a viable alternative media ecosystem for historically under-recognized artists, creatives, and filmmakers of transformative stories, I can’t think of anyone better matched in passion, vision, and commitment to inclusive innovation through the power of regenerative media."

~ Charlene SanJenko, reGEN Impact Media


Meet Naomi McDougall Jones

On May 1st, 2023, Naomi McDougall Jones officially accepted the co-lead role as the Global Artistic Director of reGEN media. Naomi will focus on guiding the organization’s creative development and scalable global growth as we introduce our first cohort of relational filmmakers, our relational film philanthropy program, and launch our online film hub.

Naomi’s extensive experience in the film industry and venture capital film finance are a perfect complement to Indigenous impact producer and reGEN founder Charlene SanJenko’s experience in social impact, brand partnerships, and impact investment.

Naomi is a storyteller - a 15-time award-winning filmmaker - and a changemaker, whose TEDTalk “What it’s Like to be a Woman in Hollywood,” has been viewed over 1.7 million times and led to a global outpouring of support for the parity in film movement. She is the Founder of The 51 Fund, a private equity fund dedicated to funding films by female filmmakers, and the author of The Wrong Kind of Women: Inside Our Revolution to Dismantle the Gods of Hollywood. Naomi has been a leading visionary in independent film for over a decade who understands not only what is needed in this newly emerging space of regenerative media, but what is possible.

“I have spent the last 15 years of my career working to shift both the Hollywood system towards greater parity and inclusivity, as well as in search of a healthy and sustainable ecosystem for independent film where those historically excluded voices can thrive - not in a way that slots them in as an afterthought, but one which creates new and different cultural DNA. With reGEN media, for the first time, I see the possibility of creating something that foundationally different - a full ecosystem ‘eject pod’ from what is and into a regenerative media future that can be,” Naomi shares. Together, Naomi and Charlene bring a combined 30-plus years of experience in the fields of storytelling, media, investment, marketing, and innovation and are now combining forces to bring this regenerative filmmaking ecosystem to life.

What is regenerative media? Beyond information and entertainment lies the opportunity to return to using the sacred art of storytelling to transform our culture for the better. Humanity’s lasting sustainability, in fact, depends on it. Regenerative media is media with vision; stories that inspire and transform their viewers. Regenerative media is the kind of soulful, expansive, challenging, and transformative storytelling that deeply nourishes us and can truly lift, shape, and heal individuals and cultures. Stories have always shaped us, and it is the stories we choose to tell now that will define our future.

About reGEN media: reGEN media is the first and only Indigenous-owned and female-led wrap-around ecosystem that facilitates the creation, funding, and distribution of regenerative media projects through a relational filmmaking model.

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Learn more about our bold 10-year vision in our newly released Theory of Change here.

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