Announcing a new working relationship with Michael Levine and the team at Westwood Creative Artists!

"Since I was fifteen years old I’ve sought answers about life. I’ve been down many rabbit holes and come out the other side with stories to share.  I’m thrilled and honored to be offered a platform through WCA to share some of what I've learned."

~ Ben Smith, Actor, Writer, Speaker, and Youth Advocate


For more than 20 years, Ben Smith has dedicated himself to honing his craft and listening and learning to understand how he can connect most authentically with his audience. As a survivor of childhood trauma, violence, bullying, and racial discrimination, Ben was inspired to become a competitive boxer, wrestler, and bodybuilder as a way to overcome fear and self-loathing. Creative writing and sharing his journey through books, blogs, screenplays, workshops, performances, and more have helped him to heal and provided a platform to promote hope, healing, and happiness to others. Learn more at The Goliath Foundation, dedicated to the work of healing families with a focus on meeting young men, BIPOC teens, and at-risk youth where they’re at through media, mentorship and movement.

We are pleased to announce that Ben has recently signed with Michael Levine and Westwood Creative Artists. Ben is excited to work with the WCA team to find well-aligned opportunities and build new partnerships and collaborations in the creative industry to bring more meaningful and transformative projects to life both in print, on screen, and in community.

Westwood Creative Artists is one of Canada’s oldest and most respected literary agencies. They take great pride in the enthusiastic response from publishers around the world and in the wide praise their writers receive from Canadian and international critics. They have represented many writers who have won and been shortlisted for such esteemed prizes as the Man Booker Prize, the Nobel Prize, and the Scotiabank Giller Prize. 

Michael Levine is a retired partner of Goodmans LLP, is Chairman of Westwood Creative Artists/Literary Agent, and an Executive Producer. Through Generic Productions Inc., he has acted as EP of over 65 productions in Canada. He has represented a number of film, television, and live theatre producers, writers, directors, and personalities in many media fields and has guest-lectured in the entertainment field for many universities and organizations in Canada and the US. Michael’s select client list demonstrates his dedication to his passion as a champion in bringing many great works to the world, a number of them that celebrate a set of diverse cultural themes. 

With a 50-year career as an entertainment lawyer, literary agent, and producer, we are honoured for Ben’s opportunity to work with Michael and his team. His perspective, contributions, curiosity, and intuition is admirable, and his sense of humour and charm are infectious. Michael has produced books, films, and theatre works for the who’s who of Canada, including Adrienne Clarkson, Silken Laumann, and Justin Trudeau.

Media with a Mission: Meet Ben Smith

For further information: charlene@regenimpactmedia.com 

Video credit:  Dolf Vermeulen Creative

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