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Introducing reGEN Brand Advisory Services

Media mirrors the reality we want. Let's walk through your current storytelling practices. Together, we can reach beyond marketing to position you as an industry leader, connecting with your audience in an innovative, memorable, legacy-building way. The power of media is in our hands. Let's use it for good.

The advertising industry is ripe for change, and we’re inviting you to be on the leading edge of it. 

Step One

Walking beside you through a streamlined process, we reimagine your brand's legacy one decade from now.

Step Two

Then we explore your Emotional Value Proposition, because emotionally loyal customers are 3x more valuable than customers who are just satisfied with your products and services, stick around 1.5x longer, and fuel your growth through word of mouth.

Step Three

Finally, we discuss how you are clearly communicating your brand's values and priorities, and if aligned, suggest a transformational media partnership.

Impact advertising will follow in the footsteps of impact investing in this decade. We believe brands want to build a legacy of doing better, and we're excited to invite you into an industry-leading partnership in the emerging space of regenerative media. Media is our generation's most powerful trajectory-shifting tool. Now is our opportunity to use it for good.


Meet our dynamic Advisory Services duo


Naomi McDougall Jones is a 13x award-winning Hollywood Filmmaker. She's spoken a film conferences and festivals around the world, and her TEDTalk, What it's Like to be a Woman in Hollywood has been viewed over a million times. Naomi's gifting is powerful facilitation in design thinking and narrative communications strategy to unlock your team's imagination and guide a creative visioning process of your brand's shared future story, your people's place in it, and the legacy you're ready to live more fully into over the next decade walking towards the future we collectively desire through the power of regenerative media.

Charlene SanJenko is a 2x founder, impact producer, and media visionary. In the mid-90’s Charlene worked in a privately owned brokerage firm in the investment services industry. Now, she brokers impact. The global advertising industry is poised to reach $1 trillion by 2025, and Charlene believes that impact advertising will follow in the footsteps of impact investing this decade. She is able to see the End Game, walk through a growth plan, and synthesize the efforts necessary to enjoy the greatest leverage, clarity, and traction, energetically communicating a clear yet expansive call to the collective whole.

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Shifting advertising from an expense to a legacy-building asset

Stories last lifetimes. The stories we consume today influence tomorrow’s trajectory. We have the opportunity to satisfy audiences hungry for uplifting content, and engage consumers who crave brand heroes who act beyond obvious promotion.

Partner-ready projects await.

Powerful partnerships start with clarity and grow in relationship.

reGEN partners with brands who are …


✅ Progressively purposeful and values-driven

✅ Ready to revolutionize the advertising industry

✅ Committed beyond sales to your brand’s legacy

✅ Interested in multi-year partnerships that demonstrate traction

✅ Currently spending $500,000+ in advertising, marketing, sponsorships, and community investment combined


Securing aligned project partners is equally as important to us as offering our services to develop more cohesive industry partnerships. Our gift to you is this simply effective guide. Walk through it on your own or call us to set up a possibilities conversation.


Narrative-Futuring Workshops

Our unique narrative-futuring sessions bring your team through a creative, mind-expanding, flow-through process to produce a unified, narrative vision of your brand's future that will easily convey who you are and where you are going to your employees, customers, and stakeholders. This experience helps you to find the path forward and guide purposeful steps forward by writing into your future narrative. A multi-faceted expression of your story is curated, packaged, and ready to be shared with integrated audio, visual, and written components.


Projecting Matching & Campaigns

Together we explore regenerative media project recommendations and introduce you to well-aligned executive producer opportunities to proactively participate in our current project portfolio coming to life! Our work together deepens through the co-creation of wrap-around awareness + activation campaigns that lift the project, artist, and brand simultaneously and the planning for unique and memorable integration experiences for your clients and teams - screenings, festivals, and team-building events.


Creative Respite Retreats

Customized creative respite retreats and experiential restoration opportunities await your team. Your organization's legacy lives in the world daily as your team shows up more fully - one meeting, one interaction, one relationship at a time. One step beyond self-care lies clarity.

Happening on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia. 

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