As the media landscape shifts, how will your advertising dollars regenerate a different future?

We believe that brands want to build a legacy of doing better and to be recognized for doing so. We're excited to invite you into an industry-leading partnership approach. More and more, progressive brands are stepping up to take responsibility between the world they want to be a part of and the everyday messaging their consumers receive across their screens.

Media is our generation's most powerful trajectory-shifting tool. Now is our opportunity to use it for good. Brand Allyship focuses on a relational engagement process both internally and externally. It aligns your values and priorities with a transformative experience for your team as well as the indexes and metrics that matter and then creates an inclusively innovative impact media portfolio that demonstrates your action in real time.

Shifting our future's narrative begins by making better decisions about how we use our advertising dollars with the intent of reimagining partnerships and investment to propel lasting success for all involved. We believe impact media will follow in the footsteps of impact investing in this decade, and this is how.  

Powerful partnerships start with clarity and grow in relationship.

We begin with an Impact Visioning Circle.


✅  Imagine the experience you want to have five years into the future

✅  And the experience you want others to have as a result

✅  Clarify the values and behaviors to embody as you walk forward

✅  Determine the focus filters necessary to revolutionize your industry. Align them with the global indexes, goals, and calls-to-action available 

✅  Look beyond sales to your brand’s legacy for future generations. Match it with named metrics and key indicators that matter

✅  Establish a rhythm of best practices that move from transactional to relational while demonstrating traction in your areas of focus

✅  Story tell your commitment to DEI, Sustainability, Reconciliation, ESG's and a better, brighter future through experiences that audiences and consumers can feel. It's what they remember that matters most.

Book a discovery conversation with Charlene to learn more (90min, $359 CAD).

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Our Brand Advisory Services Process

Ask What's Possible?

Impact Visioning Circle

Our unique Impact Visioning Circle brings your team through a creative, expansive, flow-through process to produce a unified, narrative vision of your brand's future impact that will easily convey who you are and where you are going to your employees, customers, and stakeholders. This experience helps you to find the path forward, guide purposeful steps, and clarify the values to embody along the way.


Impact Media Portfolio Development

Based on our understanding of your goals, values, and priorities, we develop a well-aligned impact media portfolio in brand allyship. Our recommended allocation provides an opportunity to proactively participate in narrative-shifting projects and ground-breaking initiatives coming to life! The impact media portfolio is matched to the metrics, measures, and milestones of one of five impact indices. Together, we choose indicators and timelines that feel relational, reciprocal, and meaningful.

Align Your Priorities

Align Your Priorities to What Matters Most

A brand committed to building its long-term legacy is eager to align present-day priorities with the metrics and measures needed now to hold us accountable to a better future. At reGEN, we listen-to-understand your priorities and work with you to align them to best-matched impact indexes to help redefine our success measures and key indicators that demonstrate bold, brave, forward-thinking action.


Amplification & Integration - Awareness + Activation Campaign

Your organization's legacy is experienced both internally and externally.

  1. Internally, in how your team shows up more fully - one meeting, one interaction, one activation, and one relationship at a time. We want to ensure our work together is humancentric.
  2. We profile your team's internal champions who will be working most closely with us - or if you choose, you can gift this profile opportunity to a social impactor or community champion you support.
  3. Our work together deepens through a wrap-around awareness amplification campaign (impact advertising) that lifts audiences and artists simultaneously.
  4. We work with your communications team and/or agency to ensure your stakeholders know the great work you are committed to.
  5. We curate unique and memorable integration experiences for your clients and teams - screenings, festivals, and creative team-building events. Great people attract great people!


We can do better, and we are!


Naomi McDougall Jones

Head of reGEN films

Naomi is a 13x award-winning Hollywood Filmmaker. She's spoken a film conferences and festivals around the world, and her TEDTalk, What it's Like to be a Woman in Hollywood has been viewed over a million times. Naomi's gifting is powerful facilitation in design thinking and narrative communications strategy to unlock your team's imagination and guide a creative visioning process of your brand's shared future story, your people's place in it, and the legacy you're ready to live more fully into over the next decade walking towards the future we collectively desire through the power of regenerative media.

reGEN films develops, incubates, and grows regenerative business models for the funding, production, distribution, and marketing/impact of independent films so the full range of voices can transform audiences.

Charlene is a 2x founder, Indigenous storyteller, impact producer, and media visionary. Born in Splatsin [pronounced SPLAT-seen] Tribe in the Shuswap Nation, Charlene is a two-time founder and a veteran in the social impact space. In the mid-90’s Charlene worked in a privately owned brokerage firm in the investment services industry. Now, she brokers impact. The global advertising industry is poised to reach $1 trillion by 2025, and Charlene believes that impact advertising will follow in the footsteps of impact investing this decade.

Through her second company, reGEN impact media, Charlene is exploring where the vehicles of media-tech and inclusive innovation intersect to lift society and shift our future’s narrative through the return to the sacred art of storytelling fuelled by the power of media and highest use of technology’s tools.

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Charlene SanJenko

Head of reGEN impact media

reGEN media is proud to be affiliated with the following creative collaborators:

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Join us on the ground floor of the reGEN story hub.

This Impact Partnership is well-matched to a corporate organization or brand seeking to demonstrate a commitment in the following areas:

  • Inclusive Innovation
  • Regenerating Hope
  • Societal Wellbeing
  • Sustainability
  • Global Health

Clarify your role ‘beyond business’ with this progressive brand legacy building opportunity ignited by a fresh start facilitated Impact Visioning Circle.

Explore first-in-market opportunities that proactively demonstrate your commitment to solutions-finding and proactive narrative-shifting media with vision.

Connect with consumers and listen to understand their priorities, choices, and behaviors and how that relates back to future marketing decisions and ad-buy spends.

Be well-represented in spaces where current and future talented individuals frequent.

Recognize and amplify leaders and champions on your team.

Primary indices used to measure impact include:

  • UN SDG Goals
  • Happy Planet Index
  • DEI 50-30 Challenge