We offer an environment in which regenerative media can be made and thrive through our model of relational filmmaking, which provides regenerative filmmakers with an ecosystem in which they can prioritize human impact and transformation at every phase of the filmmaking process over concerns of commercial profitability.

reGEN Film Distribution


Through the Mothers of Film funding model, regenerative filmmakers are freed up to prioritize the impact of their films on audiences.

The only question that needs to be answered when it comes time to distribute each film, then, is “What is the most exciting way to deliver this film with the greatest impact to the community it’s trying to reach?” This gives our regenerative filmmakers unlimited license to boldly innovate what and how films can be delivered to audiences and reGEN will support a tailor-made distribution plan for each film.

There will be two built-in reGEN distribution avenues that can be used by any film for which it makes sense:


NextGEN Filmmakers



In addition to the core group of Regenerative Filmmakers, reGEN will cultivate a substantially larger group of NextGEN Filmmakers who will be able to utilize, learn, and benefit from the reGEN relational filmmaking model, film hub, and ecosystem, thus exponentially expanding the reach and transformative power of our work.


CLASSES AND COHORT: Our core Regenerative Filmmakers will offer a wide variety of classes and workshops, open to any filmmaker who wishes to adopt the reGEN model of relational filmmaking. By offering filmmakers who are being abused by the current media ecosystem a healthier, more sustainable, more soulful model of storytelling, these classes will begin to widely transform the larger media ecosystem by seeding an entirely different modality in a broad range of media artists.


Our first offering for NextGEN Filmmakers is our 12-month Regenerative Creation Cohort.