Inclusive Innovation with Relational Film Philanthropy

Mothers of Film (‘MoF’) is an innovative film funding model that sustainably supports the development and growth of storytellers' work over time inside of a regenerative ecosystem that prioritizes stories that impact, heal, and move us forward.

MoF will support a select group of Regenerative Filmmakers to each make one, fully-funded film every three years – for at least nine years each - thus allowing these storytellers to develop their voices and visions as artists in an abundant, supported, and consistent model. This will allow them to swing big, take creative risks, and experiment boldly into the as-yet-untapped frontiers of cinema, while staying focused on audience impact.

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Mothers of Film will support our first round of six Regenerative Filmmakers. You can begin to show your support now by ordering a NOURISH Story Kit, curated with tools for self-care and healing by BIPOC creators.

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