Theory of Change

Live Walkthrough and Opportunity for Questions

Tuesday, June 6 | 4pm PST (7pm EST)

Regenerative media is media with vision; stories that inspire and transform their viewers. Regenerative media is the kind of soulful, expansive, challenging, and transformative storytelling that deeply nourishes us and can truly lift, shape, and heal individuals and cultures. Stories have always shaped us, and it is the stories we choose to tell now that will define our future.

Beyond information and entertainment lies the opportunity to return to using the sacred art of storytelling to transform our culture for the better. Humanity’s lasting sustainability, in fact, depends on it.

Please join us on Tuesday, June 6 for a cocktail hour online presentation with Naomi McDougall Jones and Charlene SanJenko to walk through reGEN media's Theory of Change, have the opportunity to ask questions, and look more about our exciting Mothers of Film relational philanthropy program launching June 5th.

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