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At reGEN media, we believe in the power of story to inspire, heal, and transform. An important part of this transformation process is helping to ensure you have access to a nurturing environment with valuable selfcare and reflection tools. We don’t want you to just watch a story. We want you to deeply immerse yourself in it and embody the aspects of it that most deeply fill your heart and fuel your spirit with our reGEN NOURISH story kits.

Each story kit delivers regenerative ingredients to calm the mind, relax the body and nourish the soul.

The products in each kit are carefully curated with love from historically unrepresented artists and BIPOC creative entrepreneurs and represent the four elements needed to invite balance, wellness, and a return to wholeness in one’s integrated being. 10% of net annual proceeds will be contributed to an upcoming BIPOC artist, creator, or creative founder.

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To encourage a practice of expressing your daily thoughts and intentions to keep you aligned with your vision for your future.


Bath Salt

Release stress and toxins as you support rejuvenation with a mixture of dried florals and herbs with pure essential oils added to a weekly bath.

Created by Halo Healing



Ignite your creativity and invite co-creation with a hand-poured  ceremonial candle.

Created by Louna Rose Candle & Home

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Dream Catcher

Protect your focus and your dreams. Catch the possibilities and opportunities that will bring your highest gifts and true potential to life. It’s all within your reach. Trust the process.

Created by Lusilyoo Gifts


Nourish Seeds

Ground yourself and reconnect to the Earth. Remember that growth is inevitable and absolutely a natural occurrence of life.



Energize and connect to your whole self and those who are here to guide you at this time - both seen and unseen. You are loved, supported, and held with a safe and flourishing foundation.

Created by Em J Gemstones


Palo Santo

Cleanse as needed to clear, reset, and life your vibration.

Created by Halo Healing


Dried Floral Bunch

Bring your senses alive and remember the journey is the focus as we learn, heal, and grow, together, deeply nourished.

Created by Cowichan Valley Lavender

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Funding Partner: United Way BC

Capacity-building funding from United Way BC will help us to accessibly scale our reGEN NOURISH Story Kits project, curated subscription boxes & transforming story experiences that provide a timely and important capacity-building initiative within a supported ecosystem for entrepreneurial collaboration and employment opportunities.

Read the complete funding announcement here.