Investment, technology and marketing combine in a powerful branding partnership!

For Immediate Release; Vancouver, January 2023

Connected by a common purpose, three women engage in meaningful and impactful digital storytelling to influence how brands occupy media space.

Inspire action.


If you are a business, not-for-profit or creative entity championing change, measuring your social media impact by likes, shares, or followers is not enough. Anyone can sit at their desk and passively click on a post, feeling smug that they have joined a multitude of do-gooders or naysayers. Rather, consider the impact on your brand by inspiring people to take action.  


Connected by a common purpose to positively influence media is what drives a collaboration between three successful women; Charlene SanJenko, Julie Davitz and Jessica McNaughton. They aim to deliver a creative space for impactful, meaningful media and brand messaging with uplifting, life-affirming content that offers more than likes, followers and shares.


Bringing together three unique skill sets (purposeful investment, technology, and marketing), they have pledged to work only with progressive brands that signal an appetite to extend their social procurement practices to socially conscious advertising and content creation with measurable impact. Their commitment is to help businesses, brands, and other entities move beyond conversations towards inspired action across diverse audiences by reinvesting their advertising and marketing dollars into narrative-shifting artistic endeavours about important current social and environmental causes.

Championed by reGEN media, this unique impact media and tech-enabled partnership, including SanJenko, McNaughton, and Davitz, will offer a brand-activated hub where artists, filmmakers, and creators can monetize their content or creative products through the rental or sale of their films, master classes, books, meet-the-artists events, and merchandise. The viewer participates in a digital, interactive, and gamified experience where they can actively share experiences by posting photos, videos, testimonials and impact statements or commitments. Engaging audiences to participate in polls, feedback surveys, make donations or volunteer are all things that engage an audience in measurable actions to create change.


“The reGEN cinema film hubs will be designed to feel nourishing. There are enough ‘fast food film’ experiences out there. We want ours to be a place where audiences keep returning because it feels good. We know that watching a film is just the first step of a transformative experience. Positive habit-building requires compelling incentives (purposeful rewards programs) and dopamine-induced feedback loops for instant gratification and habit-building experiences.” 


Unique propositions include removing technology barriers and curating content that deeply respects an artist’s creative control while exploring impact advertising campaigns with brand partners that remain the brand’s property and legacy-building tools.


reGEN media spent six months researching and interviewing brands to assess the demand for narrative-based transformative projects that are positive, uplifting, and inspire action. “In conversations with brands and businesses, we learned that customers and consumers are increasingly pressuring brands to take a public stand on social and environmental issues. By partnering with memoryKPR and Plus Media Solutions, we can provide turn-key resources and tools to brands,” says SanJenko. “Together with our partners, reGEN media fills a critical gap between independent artists in the media industry and authentic brand reach to customers craving nourishing content and hopeful experiences. Our industry-shifting approach delivers a new system that elegantly problem-solves for all.” Read SanJenko’s Open Letter to Consumers here (2022).


reGEN media, memoryKPR and Plus Media Solutions aim to onboard with early adopter brands in launching a film hub prototype in mid-2023 and the first fully activated test in the fall for other progressive brand partners to experience. 


“As recession looms, brands will look for new, more thought-provoking markets in which to spend their money. The one thing that people will continue to do in a recession is watch movies and scroll for content on their phones. The demand for content and entertainment will remain high, maybe even higher,” says SanJenko. “Investing in impact media with uplifting messages is a responsible and exciting option for brand and marketing innovators.”


Charlene SanJenko is the founder and Indigenous impact producer of reGEN Impact Media on Canada’s West Coast in Gibsons, British Columbia. She launched her career in the investment services industry and has spent the past two decades disrupting typical sponsorships and traditional partnership funding, exploring possibilities for growth, healing and innovation when diverted into experiential, timely, creative projects. She will match your brands and businesses with a stable of artists and artistic projects from film, documentaries, theatre and other creative forms of transformative storytelling.


Jessica McNaughtan is CEO and co-founder of memoryKPR, based in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Her business provides the technology that creates a platform that centralizes content in a space owned by the business or brand instead of a mega digital media giant. memoryKPR delivers a platform for companies and individuals to invite audiences to connect and co-create. “Our platform is about creating stories. memoryKPR collates all the media, pictures, videos and other content into one resource. Our focus is on engagement and interactivity. The creator retains the content and data sovereignty, and we provide the media storage,” say McNaughtan.


Plus Media Solutions (+M) is the integrative direct-to-consumer content hub out of New York. “Most impact measurements are based on likes, shares or impressions.  These are passive engagements devoid of change-making actions or activities. +Media's plug and play system allows viewers/consumers single click access to action when inspired, (listening to a talk) at an event, or reading a compelling story. To do this, we remove technology barriers and make it easy for people to engage in meaningful activities.” says Founder and CEO at Plus Media Solutions, Julie Davitz.

reGEN media is a 100% Indigenous-owned and female-led impact media company based in Canada, an intermediary that matches progressive impact investors and purpose-driven brands with reGENerative media projects that tell inspiring and transformative stories to shift the narrative and lift humanity. 

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