● We make it easy to start your storytelling journey in an impactful way

● Choose between a full-page digital storytelling profile (ad) or a Story of Us feature article

● This Starter Pack includes a one-hour impact media / storytelling strategy conversation to ensure this investment best ties in with your overall priorities and annual areas of focus

● Included in the magazine, shared across social channels, in email communications, and provided to you in ready-to-use formats to best amplify who you are and your work in the world

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Join us on the ground floor of the reGEN story hub.

This Impact Partnership is well-matched to a corporate organization or brand seeking to demonstrate a commitment in the following areas:

  • Inclusive Innovation
  • Regenerating Hope
  • Societal Wellbeing
  • Sustainability
  • Global Health

Clarify your role ‘beyond business’ with this progressive brand legacy building opportunity ignited by a fresh start facilitated Impact Visioning Circle.

Explore first-in-market opportunities that proactively demonstrate your commitment to solutions-finding and proactive narrative-shifting media with vision.

Connect with consumers and listen to understand their priorities, choices, and behaviors and how that relates back to future marketing decisions and ad-buy spends.

Be well-represented in spaces where current and future talented individuals frequent.

Recognize and amplify leaders and champions on your team.

Primary indices used to measure impact include:

  • UN SDG Goals
  • Happy Planet Index
  • DEI 50-30 Challenge