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reGEN media introduces a new approach to inclusion innovation through the power of regenerative media. Our projects are transformative stories that lift, heal, and inspire. They help audiences to release what they no longer need and receive what they are ready for. We are proud to introduce you to our first slate of projects that will shift our future's narrative.

Meet our first portfolio of nine projects

We match brand dollars with relational impact investments to finance transformative projects.

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Coming Home

Charlene SanJenko, reGEN media

Documentary (short) in production, accompanying long-form podcast series, and talk-back community healing circles

"We can heal ourselves and our families in three generations, if we keep it a priority." ~ Wenecwtsin

Coming Home is a one-off short documentary featuring a 40-year journey and unlikely friendship of a seven-term First Nations Chief, former Kukpi7 Wayne Christian and adult-adoptee and foster care survivor, Charlene SanJenko from the same home community.

Filmed in the scenic Shuswap Valley of rural British Columbia, Coming Home is a multi-sensory exploration of conversation, cultural practices, and reciprocal care dedicated to reconciliation-in-action by prioritizing courageous dialogue that heals one person, one family, and one community at a time.

Coming Home is anticipated to be released in Fall 2023. 


Hammond Castle

Naomi McDougall Jones, reGEN media.

Feature film, in development.

A 7-month pregnant, failed actress becomes entangled with the power-hungry ghost of a long forgotten inventor hell-bent on reclaiming fame. He draws her into a glamorous, ghost-filled fantasy and, together, they hatch a dangerous plan to secure both their legacies … at a terrible cost.

Hammond Castle is a magical realism film from writer/actress Naomi McDougall Jones, directing team Nat & Veronica Moonhill, and producers Lindsay Lanzillotta (The Invitation, The Vicious Kind) and Jack Lechner (Blue Valentine, The Fog of War, Good Will Hunting), in partnership with reGEN media. The film is slated to shoot in March 2023 in the real-life home and museum of inventor/party boy John Hays Hammond, Jr in Gloucester Massachusetts.

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TinaOLife, Charlene SanJenko.

Live Solo Show (performed in April 2021)

A mythical and redemptive tale about the women we burned, the babies we buried & the Gods we worship.

Tina Overbury is a storyteller, performer, and a professional listener who works with narrative and story structure as a vehicle for human connection. Her work is rooted in Myth, Mysticism, and the practice of personal faith. She is devoted to global reconciliation through the exploration of origin stories, sharing our oral history, landbased knowing, and a continued focus on communication as a sacred practice.

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s-yéwyáw: Awaken

Full-length feature documentary

LizMars Productions

With production funding from TELUS originals, this feature-length film spotlights the
work of three Indigenous changemakers who are determined to halt intergenerational
trauma. Stories of hope and homecoming intersect, as three visionary creators work
with their communities. Charlene SanJenko of Splatsin in the Secwépemc Nation
(Shuswap,) Alfonso Salinas of the shíshálh Nation and swiya (Sunshine Coast,) and Ecko
Aleck of the Nlaka'pamux Nation (Lytton,) are documenting and learning the traditional
cultural teachings of their Elders.


Legacy of the Land

Ecko Aleck, Sacred Matriarch Creative

Legacy of the Land is a multi-media interwoven web-series, learning platform and e-book that follows the journey of two Indigenous elders and the intergenerational journey of trauma and healing of the land and people.

In a quest for healing, identity and a call to action from Nlaka’pamux elders N’kixw’stn James and Terry Aleck, Ecko, direct descendent of both elders - founder and artist of Sacred Matriarch Creative has begun a journey towards self-identity, transfer of ancestral medicine knowledge and true histories of her people. The layers of healing opportunity through this work span 4 living generations and establish a turning point for future generations of not only Ecko’s bloodline but all the people she teaches and holds space for through her work.



PowHERhouse, reGEN media.

Virtual conversation series, active biweekly.

Weekly interactive conversations of Whole Leadership. 
GATHER for HER is an interactive, multi-media series featuring changemakers from across Turtle Island with pre-development work for an upcoming docuseries dedicated to Indigenous and non-Indigenous founders and changemakers who are facing their fears to live out their life’s legacy for future generations. The intention is to listen, harvest and develop trust in each other as we follow the collective wisdom between us all to change the narrative for H.E.R., Human Expansion Realized. We GATHER each Wednesday at 8am PT.
Anyone can participate in the guest conversations live on our LinkedIn Page.
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Loving Goliath

The Goliath Foundation, Charlene SanJenko.

Integrated Media Series - Podcast, Interactive Web, upcoming Episodic Series & Book (ongoing) 

Loving Goliath is a show about finding love for the monster within us all. Discussions include topics such as anxiety and stress, suicide, overcoming breakups and finding a sense of purpose.

The Loving Goliath podcast is hosted by father-daughter duo Ben & Willow Smith of The Goliath Foundation, which set out in 2013 to help promote mental wellness and movement for men following the journey of founder Ben Smith from self-loathing to self-love. 


Remaining Native

SCHH Films, reGEN media.

Feature Documentary Film (in production)

The feature documentary Remaining Native tells the story of Ku Stevens, 18, who runs the 50-mile escape route his great grandfather took as he fled from Indian boarding school at only 8 years old - an act of remembrance and reconciliation comes at the wake of the first federal investigation into the legacy and impacts of Indian boarding schools.

Directing the film is Paige Bethmann, a Haudenosaunee director and producer based in Reno, Nevada. Over the last 10 years, Paige has worked in non fiction television for various digital and broadcast networks such as Vox Media, Facebook, YouTube Originals, USA and NBC.

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NIKA & The FireDancer

Charlene SanJenko, reGEN media

Feature film, in development.

Nika, Cher & CJ are continually challenged by intimidation identity, and abandonment but ultimately find healing through a return to spiritual integration of blood memory and energetic wholeness.

The story of NIKA & The FireDancer weaves together several characters whose lives intersect over the course of decades in a brave coming home tale where ancient wisdom integrates into current time and pain points are touched to heal the past - to heal the future.

Charlene SanJenko, Indigenous author, impact entrepreneur, and emerging filmmaker, believes that media has the power to heal and stories can lift to shift the narrative what we believe is possible for our lives. 

This project is anticipated to be released in 2024.

TELUS Originals production funding announced for s-yéwyáw: Awaken


With production funding from TELUS originals, s-yéwyáw: Awaken is a feature-length film spotlighting the work of three Indigenous changemakers who are determined to halt intergenerational trauma. Stories of hope and homecoming intersect, as three visionary creators work with their communities. Charlene SanJenko of Splatsin in the Secwépemc Nation (Shuswap), Alfonso Salinas of the shíshálh Nation and swiya (Sunshine Coast) and Ecko Aleck of the Nlaka'pamux Nation (Lytton) are documenting and learning the traditional cultural teachings of their Elders. 



reGEN is proud to bring two in-person interactive projects to life:

Our Nation Heals

A community-based healing initiative hosted with Charlene SanJenko and former Kukpi7 Wayne Christian.

Partnership opportunities and program inquires welcome.


For The Children is a digital media arts exhibition, mini-documentary screening & listening circle with personal reflection components, featuring a 40-year journey and unlikely friendship of Kukpi7 Wayne Christian and Charlene SanJenko. 

This exhibition is available to bring to your community. Contact Charlene to inquire.

Turtle Island Creative Impact Coalition - group image-v3

Turtle Island Creative Impact Coalition

Bringing together filmmakers, storytellers, and creators to explore new pathways of possibility across Turtle Island.

The Turtle Island Creative Impact Coalition is an Indigenous-led initiative to coordinate communication, access, and opportunities across Turtle Island where creativity, innovation for impact; regenerative media, and reconciliation-focused, restorative, rural community economic development intentionally intersect.

Building the Field of Regenerative Media

Media is the most powerful lever for change of our generation. 

  • We are a 100% Indigenous-owned and female-led media partnerships organization matches progressive impact investors with purpose-driven brand advertising dollars to fund transformative media projects that deliver both social and financial returns.
  • Healing the world through the power of story. Media is the medicine we need most at this time.
  • Media mirrors the reality we want. What is the reality we want for ourselves, our families, and our future?

Transformative media that delivers target returns.

With North American adults spending almost 12 hours per day connected to some type of media, the power to influence society to become the ancestors our future families need truly sits in our hands.

Impact investing backs companies working on the world's most challenging problems.

Impact media shifts behaviors and opens perspectives to ensure these same challenges never happen again.

reGEN media is proud to be affiliated with the following creative collaborators:

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Clarify your role ‘beyond business’ with this progressive brand legacy building opportunity ignited by a fresh start facilitated Impact Visioning Circle.

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Be well-represented in spaces where current and future talented individuals frequent.

Recognize and amplify leaders and champions on your team.

Primary indices used to measure impact include:

  • UN SDG Goals
  • Happy Planet Index
  • DEI 50-30 Challenge