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Introducing reGEN and Avalon: Story’s Inaugural Regenerative Creation Cohort*

The stories we tell - whether as professional storytellers, entrepreneurial founders, or industry leaders sharing the story of our work - create the framework that becomes our reality. Over the last century, we as individuals and a society have been shaped by broken stories told by broken leaders, delivered to us through broken systems. A more beautiful future can only be called into existence through regenerative stories told by healed leaders, delivering their work through healthy, ethical, sustainable systems.

We are inviting you to join our inaugural 10-person Regenerative Creation Cohort and become one of those leaders weaving our way to a more beautiful future through creating and sharing your work regeneratively.

Whether you are a filmmaker setting out to make a film, a writer embarking on a book or screenplay, or a business leader looking to launch a new company or project, as part of the Regenerative Creation Cohort, you will spend the next year, not only birthing your new project in a supported environment, guided by Charlene and Naomi, but also pioneering with us collectively into the question of what it looks like to create and deliver your work to the world in ways that are radically regenerative, ethical,  sustainable - and hopeful.

Cohort Sessions

Each month for one year, our ten cohort members will work together in sessions, guided by Charlene and Naomi to deeply pull a healed past, present, and future into the work - no matter what you are creating. Together, we will imagine and explore new modes of creation and of delivering our work to global audiences and customers in radically regenerative ways.

Individual Coaching

Each month for one year, you will have two one-on-one coaching sessions (every other week) with either Charlene or Naomi focused on supporting you in specifically birthing your project - whether that be a film, book, screenplay, business, or project of any kind. These sessions will focus on practical guidance, advice, and mentorship as you navigate creating work in the new context of regeneration that will nonetheless connect with and meet the world as it is today.

Daily Practice

Each month for one year, you will receive assignments to complete on your own time that will move your project tangibly forward in its creation, deepen and expand the sources from which you are drawing your creative energy for your work, and connect the group explorations into regenerative methods directly to your project.

Add-Ons | reGEN media

The basic course fee covers the Cohort Sessions, Individual Coaching, and Daily Work, as outlined above. Depending on your individual goals, you can choose to optionally add-on additional package elements from the reGEN media tea, including: 

  • Amplification readiness audit
  • Amplification support services 
  • Pitch deck development & practice sessions
  • Copywriting & communication services
  • A mini-documentary amplifying your project
  • Additional one-on-one coaching sessions

Add-Ons | Avalon: Story

The basic course fee covers the Cohort Sessions, Individual Coaching, and Daily Work, as outlined above. Depending on your individual goals, you can choose to optionally add-on additional package elements from Avalon: Story & Naomi, including: 

  • Screenwriting or book writing support
  • Screenplay or manuscript feedback/notes
  • Writing Doula support
  • Additional one-on-one coaching sessions

We are thrilled to invite you to become one of ten members of our inaugural Regenerative Creation Cohort, as we step bravely together toward weaving the future we seek. 

Whatever you are on the road to creating, by the end of our year together, you should not only have brought your project into existence, but done so in a way that is radically regenerative - both in the act of creation and in the modes you will use to deliver your work to the world.

*We welcome female & non-binary individuals, and prioritize underrepresented groups of all backgrounds and journeys in life.

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Meet your Regenerative Creation Guides


Naomi McDougall Jones

is a 13x award-winning Hollywood Filmmaker and author. She's spoken at film conferences and festivals around the world, and her TEDTalk, What's it's Like to be a Woman in Hollywood has been viewed over a million times. As a storyteller and future-weaver, Naomi has helped hundreds of authors and filmmakers to bring their stories to life. Naomi launched Avalon: Story -- a center of practice designed to incubate and birth a new media ecosystem and brought together 60 filmmakers in a Constellation Incubator designed to scale innovation within the independent film industry and apply design thinking to reimagine a more equitable and sustainable ecosystem - from development, film finance, production, to marketing and distribution. As a certified death doula, Naomi also seeks to bring a more expansive and connected sense of the life-death generational cycles to her own work and those of her students. Whether your story is a core component of your next capital raise, a book you’ve been wanting to write for years, or a project you crave to see on the big screen, Naomi is the person you want in your corner.

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Charlene SanJenko

is a 2x founder, impact producer, and media visionary. In the mid-90’s Charlene worked in a privately owned brokerage firm in the investment services industry. Now, she brokers impact. Since 2000, Charlene has built strong women for the stage and the boardroom. Charlene believes media is our generation's most powerful changemaking tool and works with select founders and filmmakers to prepare them for their next opportunity. "You get what you are ready for. Focus on WHO you are looking to get in front of in the next 12-18 months and know WHY. Let the HOW and the WHEN take care of itself." She is able to see the End Game, walk through a growth plan, and synthesize the efforts necessary to enjoy the greatest leverage, clarity, and traction, energetically communicating a clear yet expansive call to the collective whole.

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Never a more critical time in history for us to live into our fullest story.

reGEN's vision is to intentionally shape our future's narrative

Whether your vehicle for change is the business you are driving forward or the story you are hear to tell, your ripple of impact exponentially grows through strategic amplification. It's one thing to do great work, it's another thing for that work to be known in the world by those who need it for their own growth and transformation.

At reGEN, we practice the ME | WE | US model

We place our clients at the centre and surround them with powerful peers who are on a similar yet distinct journey. The ripple expands. For Filmmakers, we invite you to join our Turtle Island Creative Impact Coalition. For Founders, you'll find ongoing monthly support in clarity and accountability as well as practice & pitch opportunities on The Leader Path in partnership with our sister company, PowHERhouse.

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Meet reGEN media

reGEN impact media specializes in transformative media projects that deliver target returns. We will do for the advertising industry what impact investment has done for the world of finance: Make us better.

We offer a new approach to align progressive creative projects with strong brands with the intent of striking partnerships and investment to propel lasting success for all involved. The partnerships put the jet-fuel behind Indigenous film and transformative stories by underrepresented creators that will shift the narrative to lift society.

reGEN media is proud to be affiliated with the following creative collaborators