The Story of Us: Live Filmmakers Panel

Featuring Indigenous and non-Indigenous filmmakers from across Turtle Island

A Community Event Featuring Live Conversations | March 25 & 26, 2023 | Gibsons Public Market


Discover the intersections between art, creativity, and healing.

SAVE-THE-DATE | The inaugural Regenerative Media Filmmakers Panel is scheduled to occur March 25 & 26, 2023 at the Gibsons Public Market. 

The Story of Us: Live Filmmakers Panel is a free community event and welcomes community members to explore the theme “The Story of US” through a panel and talk-back discussion format featuring Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists, filmmakers, and creators from across Turtle Island (North America).

Purpose:  The purpose of this collective exploration is to deepen understanding of the process of building sacred space, the value of holding space for healing, and the vehicle of art in its many forms to facilitate this process.  

✅ The intersectionality of art, creativity, and healing
✅ The revival of the sacred art of storytelling - why and why now?
✅ Story as vehicle for transformation, community, and connection

Community Placemaking & Spacemaking!

Who are the Turtle Island Creative Impact Coalition?

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Bringing together filmmakers, storytellers, and creators to explore new pathways of possibility across Turtle Island.

The Turtle Island Creative Impact Coalition is an Indigenous-led initiative to coordinate communication, access, and opportunities across Turtle Island where creativity, innovation for impact; regenerative media, and reconciliation-focused, restorative, rural community economic development intentionally intersect.

Background:  On September 28th, 2022, with funding received from Heritage Canada, we initiated the first gathering of our Creating Space to Heal community event series called For The Children

On March 25th & 26th, 2023, we’ll host our second event, a Regenerative Media Filmmakers’ Panel entitled, “The Story of Us”. This is your opportunity to share in our passion for all that is possible through transformative storytelling and film, and its role in Creating Space to Heal in community.

The Space:

Gibsons Public Market

Saturday, March 25

Afternoon Filmmakers Panel

Time: 3 pm

Format: Live, in-person

Location: Atrium


Happy Hour Reception

4:30-6 pm

Saturday, March 25

Location: Atrium

Sunday, March 26

Afternoon Filmmakers Panel

Time: 3 pm

Format: Live, in-person

Location: Atrium

It is our intention that this spark of inspiration be a catalyst for a future Sunshine Coast Film Festival!

Featured Panelists


Naomi McDougall Jones

Storyteller & Changemaker


Sami Bass

Producer & Healer


Ecko Aleck

Digital Artist & Storyteller


Catherine Eaton

Director & Actor



Charlene SanJenko

"One of the reasons events like this one are so important to me comes from a belief that ‘media that heals’ must come from ‘healed creators, creatives, and crews or teams’. The media we see across our screens originates with the artists. Filmmakers play a critical role in shifting the trajectory of our future’s narrative."

Join our regenerative media movement and participate!