North America's only Indigenous-owned + female-led inclusive innovation agency. We finance and activate regenerative media, and reconciliation breathes into each and every aspect of our work.

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Integrated support for media experiences that ignite hope and nourish behavioral change.

reGEN media is birthing an alternative, holistic ecosystem for media to elevate the voices of historically underrepresented storytellers. We bring the world of impact investment and progressive brand partnerships together to ensure narrative-shifting stories are financed, monetized, and audience activated.

Transformative storytelling lies at the centre of what's possible now to inspire hope for the future by healing ourselves, our families, and our communities.



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An integrated platform-as-a-service model that prioritizes project finance, meaningful monetization, authentic audience activation, and innovative gamification components centred around independent filmmakers and creators and their care from inception to launch our highest priority. 

reGEN Cinema (2023) will offer brand-activated, direct-to-consumer streaming film hubs, including interactive opportunities, meet-the-filmmaker events, merchandise sales, and take-action impact campaigns. reGEN media is North America's only Indigenous-owned and female-led media impact agency, exploring how film could be more equitably financed, sustainably accessible, and easily integrated into our daily lives to make a difference.

  • Filmmaker-Focused Finance

    What if our finance model placed the artist at its core?

  • Meaningful Monetization

    Tools to build residual income, financial stability, and purposeful growth

  • Brand-Activated Distribution

    Expanding accessible flow of transformative stories with aligned partners

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2023: Unlocking life's great adventure with Regenerative Media!

Join us in-person and online for our events this year:

MARCH 2023: The Story of Us, Filmmakers Panel, featuring Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists, filmmakers, and creators from across Turtle Island. Read the event recap and media release here!

APRIL 2023: Our next FREE Regenerative Creation Cohort MasterClass takes place on Saturday, April 22nd, at 9am PST. Learn more about the Cohort here and register to attend the MasterClass.

LATE SPRING 2023: Early planning is underway for a Matriarch's Picnic in Splatsin. This special event is related to the filming of our Coming Home short film. Stay tuned for further details as they are confirmed.

FALL 2024: Sunshine Coast Film Festival. If you are interested to partner or volunteer, we'd love to hear from you.

The Story of Us: Live Filmmakers Panel

Highlights and recap here


Current Media: Podcasts & Keynotes

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Building the Field of Regenerative Media

Media is the most powerful lever for change of our generation. 

  • We are a 100% Indigenous-owned and female-led media partnerships organization matches progressive impact investors with purpose-driven brand advertising dollars to fund transformative media projects that deliver both social and financial returns.
  • Healing the world through the power of story. Media is the medicine we need most at this time.
  • Media mirrors the reality we want. What is the reality we want for ourselves, our families, and our future?

Transformative media that delivers target returns.

With North American adults spending almost 12 hours per day connected to some type of media, the power to influence society to become the ancestors our future families need truly sits in our hands.

Impact investing backs companies working on the world's most challenging problems.

Impact media shifts behaviors and opens perspectives to ensure these same challenges never happen again.

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