Restoring the balance with reGENerative stories that heal.

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A Foundationally Transformative Ecosystem

reGEN media is the first and only Indigenous-owned and female-led regenerative media studio. Our mission is to expand hope, fuel societal healing, and positively shift our future’s narrative through the delivery of healthier stories made through healthier processes to nourish healthier audiences and heal our culture.

This paradigm shift is possible through reGEN’s five key components:

A New Generation of Filmmakers


Mothers of Film Relational Philanthropists are creating opportunities to return movies to the sacred art of storytelling, featuring our first generation of Regenerative Filmmakers. Make a tax-deductible donation and join our expanding ripple of narrative-shifting impact.

Stories Shape Our World

We know now that there are important stories we are missing; stories that for over a century the traditional film and television industry has chosen not to provide the resources to create them or the amplification to reach audiences. We know, too, that the lack of these stories has left our society ghastly myopic and destructive in its over-representation of only one narrative point of view.


Even after the outcry and movements of the past few years and minimal moves towards more inclusive practices, the simultaneous total capture of audiences by subscription streaming platforms and the resulting mass consolidation of media companies means that we are actually now in an era where five mega-corporations decide what stories the entire globe consumes.


What we are still missing - what our society is withering without - is what we call regenerative media - the kind of soulful, expanding, challenging, and transformative storytelling that can truly lift, shape, and heal individuals and cultures.

reGEN media is the solution


reGEN media is the first and only Indigenous-owned and female-led regenerative media studio.  Learn more.

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